History Of The Tremont


The Tremont House Collingwood, Ontario

The Tremont House was built in 1889 by John McCormick as a 24 room hotel and is one the last remaining 19th century hotel buildings in the Collingwood Downtown Heritage Conservation District; (the building is rated “exceptional” in the district’s Inventory of Buildings).

It was erected during the active building period after the 1881 fire that devastated a large part of the downtown. It was built in only 3 months during a time when many of the town’s wooden structures were replaced by brick buildings.

The proximity of the hotel to the railway station made it a popular destination for travellers, including many Americans through the mid 1900’s as they came to Collingwood to spend their summers here. Operated as a hotel for over 100 years, the Tremont still carries its original name and is an important historical link to Collingwood’s booming railway and shipbuilding era.

“Large and commodious, the rooms airy and furnished in the most approved style. Visitors to the hotel will find it pleasant and convenient and the rates reasonable. The proximity of the hotel to the G.T. Railway station is an advantage not to be overlooked. The proprietor is always on hand to see that every attention is paid to his guests…” -1894 ad