Tremont Restoration

The building incorporates sustainable and environmental measures along with heritage preservation. The restoration of the building’s 1889 facade is protected by the downtown Collingwood Heritage Conservation District. Richard and Anke were excited equally about the restoration of the exterior, bringing back its original beauty and the interior, creating an exciting vibrant space for new ideas. The plan also allowed the Town of Collingwood to retain over three quarters of the property for downtown parking with a small parkette between the Tremont and the new Collingwood Library.

“A frequently underappreciated component of historic buildings is their role as natural incubators of small businesses. In both downtowns but especially in neighborhood commercial districts a major contribution to the local economy is the relative affordability of older buildings. It is no accident that the creative, imaginative, small start up firm isn’t located in the corporate office “campus” the industrial park or the shopping center – they simply cannot afford the rents there. Older and historic commercial buildings play that role, nearly always with no subsidy or assistance of any kind.”
– Keynote Speaker, Donovan D. Rypkema Landmarks Not Landfill Heritage Conference Collingwood, May 30, 2008