The Galleries of Simcoe Street

Tremont Gallery Pop-up

Main Floor – 80 Simcoe Street




The Press Room Gallery

65 Simcoe Street, Studio 8
Tuesday to Saturday, 10 – 5



The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts

65 Simcoe Street, Studio 4

Wed – Sat 11-3. Longer hours begin on Nov 17.
Winter’s Gift opens on Nov 6 and runs to Jan 2.


Tremont Hall Gallery

80 Simcoe Street

Current Show – The Artists of the Tremont Studios
Open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm


Tremont Studios

9 Independent Artist Studios
80 Simcoe Street, 2nd Floor

Currently open by appointment only – please check website for contact information


The Scarlet Gallery

Upstairs at 77 Simcoe St. Currently open by appointment only –